December Report

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December has been bucking the trend in recent years and we have yet to see the massive snowfalls that had hit Ireland over the past two years. As you all know the past 2 Winters have caused a lot of damage to many houses, home and apartments throughout Ireland.

This is not to say Ireland is enjoying a mediterranean climate this Winter. Typical stong westerly winds has been arriving in full force this winter. Over the past few weeks we have been out to several homes for inspection. We have seen some storm damage to homes such as some crack windows.

Another important service we offer is forwarding on letters which may contain some urgent information in relation to your unoccupied property. Bills, and notices from local county councils and even jury summons do arrive often at unoccupied home and some left unanswered can cause more problems over time. A swift reply from owners can save money or time tie up resolving issue from a far.

Also this December we arranged for some repair work for our clients. Not only do we inpect your property but as the need arise will also can arrange any work that you wish. We have negotiated rate with a number of supplier who we use regularly and and ensure you get a fair price for work involve. Also as you probably know work done needs to be checked for quality and to make sure that is it done correctly.


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