Increase in metal theft from holiday homes

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Increase in metal theft from holiday homes

Metal theft is on the increase in Ireland. This is mainly due to the ever soaring value of scrap metal. Initially this epidemic has only struck building sites and other public works where there was an abundance of scrap. But now with the slow down in the building trade thieves have sought other targets, the easiest of which being unoccupied holiday homes.

The price of scrap metal has risen dramatically in the past two years with the value of scrap copper increasing to well over €3,700 per tonne. This in turn has given rise to large scale burglaries of scrap metal from holiday homes which are known to be unoccupied for the majority of the year. An empty home can provide a treasure trove of scrap with an abundance of copper, aluminium, lead and other metals all ripe for the taking.

Property Caretakers have noticed that the regular checking of holiday homes has proven to be a sufficient deterrent to scrap burglars. It is very important to check unoccupied homes often for signs of break in or other suspicious activity. And as they say “a watched kettle never boils”. A scrap burglary can cause far more damage than than just the loss of valuable materials form the home. Houses usually suffer from flood damage when copper cylinders are forcefully removed. Also walls receive damage when cables are ripped out. Overall, metal theft can cost a homeowner tosands of euros.

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