Problems with attic Water Tanks

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Problems with attic Water Tanks

Water tanks are rarely, if ever installed correctly. In fact as far as I can recall no house I have ever inspected has ever had all of the following in place:

A tight fitting lid on the water tank.
A fully insulated tank with the base exposed to a part of the attic floor which has been left un-insulated to allow the heat from the house below to keep the tank from freezing in the winter.
Fully lagged pipe-work, again to stop it freezing in winter causing leaks.
A fully insulated attic access hatch.

All of these issues are easy to fix and most homeowners would have no difficulty doing the work themselves, and yet they don’t. So if you are reading this perhaps you should check your own attic before the really cold weather sets in. I can virtually guarantee you that one of the above needs addressing

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