Rental Properties Slump

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Rental Properties Slump

Apparently the number of homes available to rent in Ireland is at its lowest level in three and a half years according to a report issued today from

The survey says the number of properties available to rent is down 5.7%. points out that the number of properties available to rent in Dublin has fallen by over 1,000.

The survey tells that the average rent nationwide stands at €821 per month.

Commenting on the latest survey, the Minister for Social Protection Joan Burton said that previous quarterly reports have shown that national rent indices still appear to mask a rural/urban split within the Irish rental market, with rural prices continuing to fall. These falls continue to be offset by increasing rents in urban areas.

”It is essential that rents are allowed to stabilise from a natural balance of supply and demand, rather than as a result of a price floor funded by the taxpayer,” the Minister added.

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