Routine Maintenance to maintain a good roof

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Routine Maintenance to maintain a good roof

All elements of buildings require routine inspection and maintenance. This applies to natural slate roofs also. Keep gutters and valleys clear of debris. Check lead work around chimneys, gables and abutments etc. Make sure that ridge tiles are firmly bedded and that the joints are keeping out water. Make sure that all lead or copper work is free from cracks or holes. Middle valleys are particularly prone to damage from loose slates sliding down into the valley. By the time leaks display internally it will be too late. Replace any cracked or broken slates. Use a ripping iron to remove damaged slate and replace with sound slate and proprietary stainless steel or copper slate hook fix to retain in position.

To get a good slate roof you need best Quality natural slates AND you also need a professional Slating Contractor who has long experience with natural slates. Natural roof slates are not flexible. Slates damaged during the slating process must be replaced. Lack of proper sorting and grading results in poor appearance and may lead to slates being blown off in severe storms. Nailing too tight leads to slate failure on the roof. Experienced SLATERS will always carry out a final check for any damaged slates on the roof BEFORE taking down scaffolding and roof ladders. Broken or damaged slates can easily be replaced immediately.

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