Most property owners requirements can be quite different from home to home. If you don’t see a service you would like listed below simply ask us.

- Key collecting and holding in your absence.

- Utility Bill collection and payment.

- Checking of gutters and drains.

- Checking if any burst pipes.

- Checking your home after major storms hit the country.

- Accessing storm damage.

- Accessing flooding damage.

- Checking if all windows and doors are secure.

- Checking oil tanks and reporting any fuel theft.

- Checking roof slates and tiles.

- Checking attic water tanks.

- Forwarding of important letters.

- All repair work and maintenance commissioned. See list of Suppliers

- plus anything that warrants special attention.


Property Caretakers has the advantage of being able to provide unoccupied home insurance at very affordable prices.

We also provide a letting service should you wish to rent out your home as a holiday rental in your absence.